Things Your Pastor Wants to Tell You

As many of you know, October was “Pastor Appreciation Month,” and your expressions of appreciation were a huge encouragement to all of us on staff. THANK YOU! Please allow me to turn that around this month to YOU, the CONGREGATION. Each month “Reader’s Digest” magazine includes a feature entitled, “Things Your ‘So and So’ Would Never Tell You” – i.e. your doctor, your dentist, your hairdresser, your mechanic, etc. It made me wonder, were there things “Your Pastor Would Never Tell You”? Maybe…but that will have to wait for another month. For this month, there are THINGS I WANT TO TELL YOU – in the form of “DO’s and DON’Ts. So sit back, and here goes with just a few: When it comes to your pastor(s)…

…Pray for us often and regularly
…Speak well of our church and invite others to come to events / services with you
…Be eager to hear and obey God’s Word / will
…Expect us to model authentic discipleship, but allow us to be real
…Know that sometimes we do get “weary in well-doing” and discouraged, even while trying not to show it
…Embrace the Word of God for what it is – God’s Word – alive, active, powerful
…Give us the benefit of the doubt and be gracious when we fail to meet your expectations
…Share with us SPECIFICALLY how you were helped by a sermon or lesson
…Invite us into your lives, families, and even homes
…Tell us – call us / text us / email us – when you have a significant event in your life – i.e. births, illnesses, surgeries, etc.
…Be sensitive to what you tell / ask us just before a service – DO tell us you have prayed for us; DON’T drop a bombshell on us three minutes before the service begins
…Tell us – and not others – when we have let you down or failed to follow through on something
…Talk to us graciously / privately when you have a concern, complaint, or issue with us
…Love us – and our families – unconditionally
…Read the bulletin each week to stay informed

…Rely on us to be your sole source of spiritual nourishment
…Assume and say we are too busy to meet with you about your concerns
…Assume that all is always “hunky dory” 24/7 in our lives – we share many of the same struggles
…Gossip about people or the church
…Leave the church without addressing your concerns with us so we can learn – and pray with you
…Rely on Facebook or other social media to inform us of big news in your life
…Wait to be asked to serve

When it comes to CONGREGATIONS, you’re the best! So…this month, give YOURSELVES a well-deserved pat on the back. And have a blessed Christmas season filled with the presence of Jesus, the One Who will meet you where you are – in joy, in sorrow, in faith, in fear…and always with lavish grace!

With love and appreciation,
Pastor Bill

About the Author

Christian. Senior Pastor of Bible Fellowship Church of Newark. Husband. Father of 4 daughters. Grandfather.