new-mission4A letter home…… from theMISSION

While I certainly don’t feel that I’m away from home as our family attends theMISSION, it feels like a letter home when I write Fellowship articles! I wanted to follow up to the short update we gave at the Annual Meeting about theMISSION. Recently, theMISSION had a ‘guest message’ delivered by Ron Mahurin – you can listen to it on the Sermons page of theMISSION’s website – It included a challenge to find a personal Barnabas Brigade task, hinged particularly on the scripture 1 Thess 5:11.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing”. kim

It also examined the biblical context attributed to Barnabas (starting with Acts 4:36), who is shown repeatedly in situations providing encouragement. I reflected on that sermon and wanted to suggest a Barnabas Brigade that our BFCN family could provide to regularly visit our daughter church, theMISSION. I would like to ask that we intentionally visit theMISSION through 2013. When you read this article, “we” (theMISSION congregation) will have moved to the downstairs banquet portion of the Townsend Fire Company. This is a big step and culmination of a number faith filled maneuvers to continue to shine the light of the Gospel in this part of Delaware. Great ways to encourage, engage, and pray for us would be for BFCN to commit to scheduled visits.

To help keep our Barnabas Brigade organized, visit theMISSION’s Barnibus Brigade page. Each Sunday service is listed. If you can visit, fill out the form and click “we’ll be there!” and an email will be sent to me to keep an even flow in our Barnabas Brigade. You’ll get an email reminder from me a few days before the service to make sure you are still available. This way we can participate in the expansion of Bible Fellowship in this area and keep a steady stream of encouragement through 2013.

Russ Meredith

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