Upward Soccer

2017 Upward Soccer Registrations are open…

Registration Cost: $80.00 (Soccer shorts: $15 optional)  Online registration is available here.

Everyone must attend one soccer evaluation.  Evaluations for boys and girls (K-6th grade) are being held on Saturday, March 18th (between 10:00 a.m. an 12:00 p.m.) and Tuesday, March 21st (between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. (may be indoors due to weather conditions).

Soccer Dates to Remember –
First Practices – start the week of April 2
First Game – Saturday, April 15th (times may vary)

Questions?  Please contact Steve Morton at 302-366-8539.

Welcome to Upward Soccer!

In Upward Soccer, Every Child is a Winner.

This season, you will participate in a league that will redefine the word winner

Today’s sports culture has created a “win at all cost” mentality.  However, in Upward, success is not based on wins and losses.  Coaches are trained that success is determined by how they convey salvation, character, and self-esteem to each child.  Upward defines winning as learning and/or teaching lessons in the game of life.



Be a Winning Parent!

As a parent, you play a very important role in building the self-esteem and character of your child and every child in this league.  Players will look to their parents, coaches, and referees as models for sportsmanship, respect for authority, and positive attitudes.  Through your positive participation in this league, you can provide a lasting effect in these children that will live well beyond the end of the season.

Upward Soccer

What you can do to ensure a meaningful experience for your child:

  • Make sure the child arrives on time to practices and games.
  • During practices and games, support the coach by allowing him or her to give any instruction or feedback to the team.  Directions from multiple sources can cause confusion to the players.
  • After each practice, ask your child about the practice, devotion and Scripture that was shared with him/her.
  • Look for positive actions that took place during practices and games that you can praise your child for.
  • Cheer for both teams.  This helps create an environment in which every child is supported.
  • Support the volunteer referee with positive comments only.  They are giving their time to your child.
  • After the game, join your child’s team and cheer for each player as game-day stars are distributed.

About Practices

  • You will be contacted in the coming weeks with information about your child’s coach and practice night.
  • There will be a one-hour practice per week.
  • Your child’s player items will be distributed by the coach at one of the first practices.
  • During each practice, a coach will deliver a short devotion to the players.
  • Children will have the opportunity to learn Scripture verses together, and will be rewarded for their participation.

About Games

  • Every team will play one game a week.  Each game lasts about one hour.
  • Following each game, teams and parents gather together as each player is awarded a star.  Cheer for each player as stars are distributed.
    • The blue star represents Best Effort.
    • The gold star represents Best Sportsmanship.
    • The gray star represents Best Offense.
    • The red star represents Best Defense.
    • The white star represents Christ-likeness.

Rules Unique to Upward Soccer

You will receive a detailed set of rules unique to Upward in the Parent’s Guide to Upward Soccer, which will be distributed with your child’s player items.

Game Format

A unique element of this league is the game format:

  • Referees lead both teams in prayer at midfield before every game.
  • Scores are kept for all grade divisions, but no division standings are maintained.  Such standings add unnecessary pressure and intensity.
  • All fouls will result in an indirect kick in all divisions, except 5th and 6th grade division, where both direct and indirect kicks will be used.
  • No penalty kicks, yellow cards, or red cards are used in Upward Soccer.


Upward’s substitution system is designed to provide every player equal opportunity for improvement.  The substitution system ensures that no child will sit out more than one segment at a time, every child will have the opportunity to start a game, and playing time for all players is virtually even over the course of the season.

Want More Information on Upward?

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