AWANA Spaks Childen's MinistryAWANA Sparks, the AWANA club for children in kindergarten through 2nd Grade, builds on the material taught in our Cubbies club.  Our focus is to take youngsters a step deeper into God’s Word and allow them to hear the gospel and come to faith in Jesus Christ.  After being immersed in solid foundational teaching, boys and girls frequently come to an understanding of their need to trust Christ as their personal Savior while in Sparks.


Here is what to Expect –

Our Club Night:

We begin our club night as a group with an opening ceremony.  Then we rotate the clubs through the Handbook, Game and Counsel Times.  Awards and recognition through-out the year are presented at the end of the night.

Handbook Time:
Children are divided into their age-appropriate groups (Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades).  Using achievement-oriented learning segments and Bible Verse memorization, Clubbers progress through graded handbooks, working individually and together with their leader.

Game Time:

Game time provides team and individual competition centered around the AWANA Game circle.  Dozens of organized games get everyone’s participation, unleashing natural energy and enthusiasm.

Counsel Time:

This is a general session for everyone.  It’s quality time for group Bible Study and Missions Education.

Awards and Recognition:

Awards are earned individually for handbook progress and attendance.

Our three-year Sparks program allows clubbers to have:

*      Basic truths about God, Jesus Christ, salvation and the Bible.
*      An increased emphasis on Scripture Memory.
*      Potential to learn and review approximately 68 verses.
*      Receive clear and consistent presentation of the Gospel Message.

Please visit our Sparks Calendar for more details on each week or call the church office for more details 302-366-8539.