IF this is your first time visiting Bible Fellowship, we are thrilled that you have chosen to worship with us!

To help make your visit enjoyable and smooth, we encourage you to check out the list below of things to expect when you arrive on Sunday morning. If you have any questions, please contact Tabitha Fitch via email or by phone.

Check In-

The safety and security of your children is top priority to us. We use a computerized check in system called Kid Check. When you arrive on Sunday morning, you will be asked to register your children at the Kid Check computers located in the lobby outside the Children’s wing. This process only takes a few minutes, and does not require you to input any confidential or private information, only the information we need to provide the best care to your children.

Please put as much or as little information as you feel comfortable, however, we do ask that you give us:

  • Home phone number or number that you will remember (this is the number that will allow you access to your Kid Check account)
  • Child’s birthdates (we like to send a Happy Birthday card!)
  • Cell phone number  (we will txt you during the service if your child needs you)
  • Home address
  • Allergies or important notes on each child( this will print on each child’s name tag which we check before handing out snacks.)
  • Persons you will allow to pick up your children

While this process will only take a few minutes, we recommend registering from home prior to coming on Sunday morning. Doing so will allow you to just input your 7 digit number, select your child’s classes and print out your tags.

What to Bring-

Nursery & Toddlers– diapers, pacifier or special blanket/ comfort object, sip cup or bottle, change if clothes. (please print an extra tag at check in to put on the diaper bag.

Preschool & PreK– sippy cup (if needed), Bible

Elementary– Bible

Where do I go?

After you check your children in, the Children’s director or teacher will be there to show you to your child’s classroom.

Can I stay  with my child in their classroom?

We want you and your child to feel safe and comfortable, and since you know your child best, if you feel that staying with them will help, you are welcome to stay with them. For safety reasons, we ask that only those who are listed as authorized guardians, remain with your child in the classroom.