Captured, confident, and compelled…

I have seen a few episodes of “Undercover Boss,” a TV show in which the CEO of a company, under disguise, becomes a member of the everyday work force. Often times, the CEO is quite surprised at the level of excellence – or lack thereof – that takes place in the very company he/she leads. I am grateful that God is not content to be an “undercover boss,” but rather chooses to be intensely engaged with me 24/7. I have been thinking lately of the absolute privilege we have to be called into God’s workforce, just as each of us who know Him have been called. For sure, our specific calling may be different – i.e. mine is a full-time vocational call while yours is likely one to be lived out in the context of another job or role. Yet all of us are called to “put on display the character of God in whatever roles He gives and wherever He places us.”

One thing I have been learning – it is a wonderful day when we stop working FOR God and begin working WITH God. Let me explain – it is quite possible to view God as a compassionate CEO and my role as a loyal sales representative. I report to him each morning – get my orders for the day – and head out on my own, while he remains in the office. He is always a phone call, email, or text away if I would need him. He encourages and supports me and I report back to him at the end of each day to review how I well I performed that day. But God – as a CEO – did not go with me!

Thankfully, that is not how God views my relationship with Him. He is not simply my “boss / CEO;” rather He is my PARTNER / my CO-WORKER – cf. 2 Corinthians 6:1 – “Working together with Him…” (ESV) / “As God’s fellow workers…” (NIV) / “We then, as workers together with Him…” (KJV). Consider – God and I work TOGETHER. He is by my side, enabling and assisting me. I liken it to a hitting instructor or a golf instructor who would stand behind me, wrap his arms around me, and grab the bat or club with me, not merely telling me what to do, but showing and enabling me to do it well. Rather than report TO God, we work WITH God. Rather than check in with Him and leave on my own, we check in with Him and then go out TOGETHER. There is never a moment He is not actively present with us through the day. That makes a huge difference!

  •   When we work FOR God, we get human results; When we work WITH God, we get God’s unmistakable results.
  • When we work FOR God, we get fruit that is temporary; When we work WITH God, we get fruit that lasts for eternity.
  • When we work FOR God, we get tired; When we work WITH God, we get energized – or at least a “good” weary.
  • When we work FOR God, we easily complain; When we work WITH God, we readily rejoice.
  • When we work FOR God, we have our eyes on others; When we work WITH God, we have our eyes on Him.
  • When we work FOR God, we look for human praise and adulation; When we work WITH God, we are content with His “well done.”

Knowing God is WITH me gives, me great confidence to “take on the day” and whatever God places before me… because HE IS WITH ME!!

Captured, confident, and compelled…,
Pastor Bill

About the Author

Christian. Senior Pastor of Bible Fellowship Church of Newark. Husband. Father of 4 daughters. Grandfather.

  1. Robert Whitaker

    Pastor Bill,

    I’m so happy to welcome you back from your journey
    in good health and able to be among us.
    I’m sorry I couldn’t greet you personally today,
    but I wouldn’t intrude.
    I grieve deeply for your loss and know that your
    father is with our Father.
    God be with your entire family and please share
    my grief and condolences.

    Warmest regards,
    Bob Whitaker

  2. Jacinta

    Pastor Bill,
    I wanted to give you a personal greeting and express my condolences ( I know Omar and Philip had done a great job representing the family on Saturday) but you were in great demand after church yesterday. I thank you for sharing your heart with us yesterday and I thank God for giving you the strength to do so for I imagine it was difficult.
    I was again reminded of the importance of setting my house in order and being sensitive to God’s leading in my life. This reminder, one that keeps recurring, is one that I am continually praying about, for the details of it is not always clear.
    Thanks to the staff of the BFCN for your loving and dedicated service.
    Rest assured that you are frequently ion our prayers.
    May our beloved Dad continue to shower you and the family with his love and mercy.