We are here to develop followers of Jesus Christ who are growing to maturity in what they believe and how they live so that God’s character is displayed to the world through our lives wherever God places us.

Are you looking for a place to belong? Where people care about YOU and YOUR goals? Where you are not just a face in the crowd or a number on a roll? Come meet Jesus who is not just a far-away God but a real God who wants to have a personal relationship with YOU. He WILL change your life!

What to Expect

We want you to visit us at the Bible Fellowship Church of Newark, DE, and we want you to feel comfortable. But we know an unfamiliar place can be intimidating. So, here’s what you can expect when you honor us with a visit. Our church family is a group of all ages and at different stages of spiritual growth.

The Setting

During the summer, we offer one Sunday Morning Service at 9:00 AM.  During the fall through spring, we offer two Sunday Morning Services, which are both the same in style and worship, (1st service: 8:30 – 9:45 AM; 2nd service: 11:00 – 12:15 PM) that promote meaningful worship for you and your family.  Our worship services are held in the sanctuary, where there is plenty of seating. There are no reserved seats, so feel free to sit anywhere you choose.

During a normal schedule from 10:00 – 10:45 AM, we invite you to become part of our age-appropriate Sunday School Classes that are held throughout the building.

When you arrive, you may be greeted at the door with a handshake and a visitors packet that includes a church brochure, a complimentary pen, and a copy of this week’s bulletin or program of the week’s services and events. Our greeters are there to help you find where you’re going or to answer any questions you may have about the service.


We offer a staffed nursery during all classes and services. Ten or fifteen minutes after the service starts, older children (up through 2nd grade) will be dismissed for “Children’s Church.” An announcement will be made from the pulpit each week as to when the children will be dismissed so that they can participate in their own worship service (suitable to younger children). Our greeters can direct you, or you’re welcome to keep your children with you throughout the service.


Most people dress according to their own comfort levels, but it is entirely a personal decision. On Sunday mornings, you will find men and women in suits and dresses as well as in slacks and jeans. Because of children’s activities, summer and Wednesday evening clothing tends to be a bit more casual. Although we are committed to opening our hearts and lives to anyone in need, we would suggest clean, modest attire.

The Worship Service

As you’re getting seated a “prelude” of music is played by piano or keyboard. Most services start with a song or with brief announcements. Sometimes we take a few minutes while the music plays just to prepare our hearts and ourselves for worship. Use this time to get settled, to pray, or just to fill out the bulletin tear off that is located on the right hand side of your bulletin. If you didn’t get a visitor packet or bulletin at the door, please see one of the ushers/greeters and they will be happy to provide you with one.

In the pew rack, you’ll find a hymn book for you to use. When the song leader announces a number, you can turn to that number in the hymn book to find the words and music, or you can view the words on the “big screen”. Usually, the hymn number is in the bulletin for your convenience. If you get lost, feel free to ask a neighbor! Sing along or simply listen. The song leader may ask the congregation to sing for certain songs.

Following some opening songs, there may be a solo or small group number, and then there will be a Scripture reading. Usually this will relate to the mornings message. You can find a Bible in the pew rack as well, bring your own, or just listen as a short passage is read from the Word of God.

At several times during the service, the pastor or others will lead in prayer. Prayers are offered in the speaker’s own thoughts and words and there is nothing you need to memorize.

The pastor won’t be wearing any special garments that set him apart. No one refers to him as “father”, except maybe his children! The reason for this is that the Bible teaches that all believers are “priests” and have equal access to God. The pastor is a spiritual leader in our church but also an approachable friend. His personality and sense of humor will make you feel comfortable.

The message will likely be about 30 minutes long. We think you will find it refreshingly Bible-centered. Even if you’re totally unfamiliar with the Bible, the pastor will draw out a principle or illustration from the Bible and try to help you apply it to your life in a practical way.

The morning services usually conclude by 9:45 AM and 12:15 PM respectively. We would love for you to stay after the worship services for a few minutes if you can. We would enjoy getting to know you. The pastors, elders, deacons, and others from the church family would be glad to answer any questions you may have.


We generally include the Lord’s Table (also called the Lord’s Supper or Communion) during the first Sunday morning of each month. This is an observance of Christ’s death and a celebration of His coming return. During this memorial, plates containing unleavened break (like crackers) will be passed out. This symbolizes the body of Jesus. Next, trays filled with small cups will be distributed. The cups will contain the “fruit of the vine” (grape juice) to symbolize the blood of Jesus. The “bread” and the “cup” are just that—symbols—and while this is a special time of remembrance and celebration for the church family, no special grace comes to those who take part in it.

If you are new to our church, but are a believer and a member of a similar church, you are welcome to participate. Otherwise, don’t be embarrassed. Just pass the plate or tray to the person next to you and enjoy the message.


During our morning services, we will pass plates to collect offerings for the ongoing expenses and ministries of the church. As our guest, you aren’t expected to make a donation. If you filled out a visitor tear-off (located on the right side of the bulletin), you can place that in the offering plate and pass it on down the row.

We look forward to meeting you! If we can answer any other questions for you prior to your visit, please contact us!